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R&D is an important pillar of Kingtai sustainable development. The company has now established a technological innovation system with enterprise innovation and development as the main body and a combination of production, education and research. The company's R&D technology center, HANGZHOU BEYOND GRADE TECHNOLOGY CO.,LIMITED., was established in 2014 and is located in Xiasha, Hangzhou. It has a synthesis laboratory, an analysis laboratory, a preparation laboratory and an engineering laboratory. The R&D center is composed of a group of highly educated professionals with rich theoretical and practical experience, equipped with multiple high performance liquid chromatographs, gas chromatographs, laser particle size distribution analyzers, UV spectrophotometers, low temperature stability testers, digital melting point More than 30 sets of instruments and equipment required for R&D inspection, such as instrument, can fully meet the requirements of new product R&D, pilot test and inspection. The R&D innovation team is mainly responsible for product process research and development, new pesticide creation, and product quality inspection.

Quality is the foundation of an enterprise. Kingtai strictly implements the corresponding product standards formulated by the country, industry and enterprises, and has formulated a series of strict quality control systems to ensure product quality compliance and stability to meet diversified market demands. Source control Raw material procurement is the first link of quality control. Establish a list of qualified suppliers, review the sustainable production capabilities of suppliers such as safety and environmental protection, ensure that each raw material has stable and reliable suppliers, and deal with unqualified suppliers. The elimination of suppliers, which unites the supplier with the company, ensures that we continue to source high-quality raw materials. Focus on the process We strictly control the production process of products, actively mobilize all links to participate in quality management, and formulate detailed control standards in each production link to ensure extremely high stability of product quality, and strive to find the best combination of quality and efficiency. At the same time, implement customer return visits, communicate with customers in various forms, reflect customer requirements on internal production, and provide agrochemical services throughout the entire process of pesticide production to continuously improve customer satisfaction.

Kingtai has a professional registration team to provide customers with all-round registration support services. And every year, the selected products prepare GLP report data to provide strong data support for customers to register in the local market.

As a chemical company, Kingtai Chemicals Co., Ltd. knows that HSE is the foundation and premise of the company's healthy and stable development. Over the years, Kingtai has made continuous efforts in health, safety and environmental protection from various perspectives.


The company pays attention to the health of employees, pays attention to employee care, and takes a multi-pronged approach to ensure the health and legitimate rights and interests of employees.

At the level of management mechanism, the company has carried out occupational health training and job risk notification and warning for employees in various positions, so that employees can fully understand the potential risks that may be faced by their positions, so as to better use health protection knowledge, and be more active, active and correct. Use company-issued occupational hygiene protective equipment. An emergency response mechanism has been established for all job levels, from senior executives to the front line, to prevent problems before they occur.

At the technical level, through continuous process improvement, high-risk process operations are avoided, and occupational health hazards are reduced or eliminated; the company hires and invites professional occupational health evaluation agencies or experts from time to time to conduct safety assessments and inspections of the company's factories, and find hidden dangers or improve points. , to give employees more health protection.

At the same time, all employees of Kingtai and its subsidiaries provide an annual physical examination to let employees know their health status.


Continuously improve the management system, standardize the operation process and provide frequent safety training for all employees

Avoid and eliminate high-risk operations through process improvements

Realize production remote control through DCS control system to ensure accurate, efficient and safe production operation

Invite qualified professional companies and experts to assist the company in conducting regular safety self-inspections


As a chemical company, the company has equipped the factory with advanced environmental protection equipment to ensure the environmental friendliness of the company's production and lay a solid foundation for the sustainable development of the company.

The company continuously improves environmental protection measures, and employs experts and professional institutions to evaluate the environmental friendliness of the company's production to reduce the impact of emissions on the environment.